Sunday, February 13, 2005

I Google (a lot!)

I remember eversince I started using the World Wide Web I got to use search engines, and they were very different than today. It wasn't as easy as it is today to find the page you're looking for very fast. I've been a fan of Altavista in the past, because it was the first search engine to act intelligently when I do a search. I could use a basic form question and I usually get my results right.

Now there is no competetion when it comes to search engine, because Google simply rules, despite M$N trying to copy every new idea from Google. They got M$N spaces (their version of, the Desktop Seach and they have a toolbar with popup-blocking and all like Google's toolbar. Anyway, my point is that now days Google's the popular choice.

Google Logo by LegoI love Google and love Googling. I use it everytime and everywhere and for everything and anything. I love how fast the results come and how many people depend on the 'feeling lucky today' button. I've been using Google Suggest recently and I love it even more. I love Blogger and I love Picasa. I love Hello and how it makes it easier for me to pick a picture from my ever-so-simple Picasa and put it right here in my blog without going through a headache! You know how the Google logo changes for particular days of the year? Well, I started collecting those logos! I'm crazy, I know! I just love Google. Did you know someone who loves Google more than me? Please let me know!

I love the special searchs such as the FreeBSD Google, the Linux Google and the Apple Macintosh Google.

Another Google feature that I can't live without is the Google Image Search, as I'm usually satisfied with the results that I get.

The new beta Desktop Search feature is so cool that M$ couldn't resist stealing it into their M$N crap. The M$ Winedose search isn't bad but it's slow unless you intentionaly turned the file indexing feature on, which is a feature that no one use like Bill Gates himself said, plus it's not that useful anyhow. Once I lost track of a saved web page, so I searched for it using Google Desktop Search and found it in the results, except that when I tried to open it I found that I deleted it long time ago! I used the cashed version and it worked perfectly to save me lots of time and work!! Thanks a lot!

Then there's the language translation page which is really good and totally replaced Altavista's Babel Fish Translation to me.

Picasa is so cool, easy, smart, and with all the many times my ACDSee crashed (no matter what I try to fix this, it still crashs!) so it's like the only way to go

You can easily submit your site to google:

Some people prefer Yahoo! Well I don't. But some people like both! I've stumbled upon this once: a Google + Yahoo! search engine (see or

If you think that Google couldn't be this much important, well you're wrong because Google changed lives! Micro$hit are scared from Google.

Last week the server of Google was down for sometime and I paniced, so did many others apparently. It was such a dark day! GOD bliss Google.

To conclude, Google is the Outstanding Search Service. I'd die to work for Google inc.!