Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Opera 8 released!

Opera Security

I've been using Opera web browser for a long time now. I used many versions and encouraged many friends to switch to Opera and abandon old stupid M$IE for good.

Opera 7.54 (you can still get it from the Opera archive) had many great features that I loved so much. I use tabs, manage my mail accounts (POP3), read RSS, chat and do many other cool things through one single window. I love the bookmarks and the integrated Google search everywhere. I can type 'g' in my address bar and follow it with a space then a keyword and Opera gets me my results from Google (for example: g movies) . I can even highlight any word (by double-clicking it) and using the right-click menu to do a search by Google. I set keywords in my Bookmarks so when I type my keyword in the address bar, Opera gets me to the site that I want (like when I type 'wiki' I get the english version of Wikipedia). Oh, and how much do I adore using the Slideshow to view pictures!

Now what's so cool about Opera is that power-users (the more knowledgeable people in the computers universe) will find many options available without even the need to install external extenstions. As I design webpages for hubby, I can really use stuff like the notes and "mouse gestures, option to continue with last session, even when the browser crashes, undo close tab... image show/hide," see more tips here: or -

Today (Wednesday 20th of April, 2005) marks the release of the new version 8, which finally works fine with my Gmail account while I'm identifying my browser to be Opera, proudly. I still face many problems with other Google Services such as Google Desktop Search and even this Blogger account, but I'm working around these problems currently. The tabs changed its behavior to be a bit more similar to Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape but we still go through tabs in order of which tab you used first and which one second. Among the new Opera 8 features, The Preferences (Options) dialog been changed to look probably easier to newer users of this great browser. Visit Opera's official site for more information, screenshots and some tips and tricks.

Press . (period) or / (forward slash). A small search dialog will pop up in the bottom left corner and you can just type. F3 will take you to the next search result.

For more tips see this webpage:

Among my favorite Opera skins there is Marina, Avala, Fresh, Freestyle, Handmade, my_opera_colored, and Neo. You sure can pick your favorite from the Opera skins page.

Many users compare Opera with other M$IE-alternatives. The comparison between Opera and Mozilla/Firefox will constantly be drawn (check out Luoma's comparsion page). I like Mozilla Firefox, like many do, but I'd much prefer to use my Opera by far, like I always did. Call me an Opera Lover, and I'm not the only one out there, because "Opera users are as loyal as the Mac users!" Just read Nuno's comment on David Naylor's blog post:
At 1:43 AM, Nuno said…


first of all I'm an Opera fan...

well, Opera 8 is really good!! The toolbars take time to arrange because you probably aren't familiar with the way opera let's you customize it.
I, that consider myself as an advanced user, take about 5 minutes to put the interface the way I want... well... in FFox i use 4 or 5 extensions... I have to find, grab and configure them... it takes me about 30 mins...

I use both regularly (Opera as main browser and mail client) and FFox to check browser compatibility on some of my web pages, to enter a page Opera doesn't render well (sometimes it has to be with IE....)

In my opinion, it isn't expensive... 20$ - student version (34$ standard, but you can install in every computers in your house) and they offered Opera8 to people that have bought Opera7 (released in 2003) so... if Opera8 stick arround for two years more, it would have cost 5$ per year for me... that's a price of a meal for me...

don't forget that almost every extensions to FFox are copies of features opera has for a long time... mouse gestures, option to continue with last session, even when the browser crashes, undo close tab... image show/hide, notes(very handy for me.. copy text to it with one click, insert a note in a text area...) see more here - or -

and lots of things... real full-screen (I mean the whole screen! - F11), real page zoom (not only the fonts)...

Opera is a whole sistem, with these tools well integrated, and that makes you save money...

For instance, spartial navigation (when you link 2 tabs and put them tiled, side to side, and when you click the first, the resultant page opens always in the second one) have saved me a lot of time in my researches!! I do a lot of them...

I consider Opera the best browser for those that need internet as a tool for their work and really understand it's concepts. It isn't easy since it has so many things!! and more... and more... I use it for about a year and a half and i still get surprised with some features that i didn't know of... so generally to regular people (that want to see their webmail, check some sites...) I recommend FFox because it's similarity with IE and simplicity. For experienced users, that need internet about all day, that breed internet, Opera is much more better, since it can save you a lot of time!!! It consumes more time to learn... but it worth every dollar (or EURO :P) you pay....

To get started using Opera check out Opera's tutorials and Tim Luoma's 30 Days to becoming an Opera8 Lover (I suggest you start with the Introduction and Acknowledgements then go by the days order).

Download Opera

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

AAA grade discs

I've been using various types and brands of CDs/DVDs and I just started recently using few of the colorful SmartBuy CDs/DVDs. I always go after the best (as in quality) but when in need, anything would do the job. This time it was for work and 'when boss gives you something, you take it'. I've been reading bad stuff about those SmartBuy discs and all the reviewers hated their experience with this brand. What amazed me is that on the cover it says: AAA grade. But only now that I figured out what that meant: An Absolute Ass!

PS. Some say I'm not funny, so bite me!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Google Hacks #1

"Google Hacks means using Google for something fun or interesting in a way that Google was not designed for".

This Google Hack called Google Battle. I first found this Google Hack on Douwe Osinga's site.

What does it do? "[It] use[s] Google to determine which of two terms is more popular on the Internet. Who is the more popular painter, Van Gogh or Rembrandt? The Beatles or the Stones?" Go check it out now!

I then descovered other similar hacks too. does the same thing and probably is easier for you to remember. GoogleFight.Com is a bit cooler. A third site: GoogleWhack.Com

Here are some interesting/funny results posted on Osinga's site:

by kamal

We didnt need google battle to tell us...
by Stratz Sfear
i love google : 10
i hate google : 0

ignorance vs. knowledge
by whatsername
ignorance : 0
knowledge : 8

by meeegahr
Hurray for nouns that start with consanants
a : 9
an : 6

i hate microsoft : 9
i hate linux : 1

linux : 7
windows : 4

i hate bill gates : 6
i love bill gates : 3

i love microsoft : 0
i hate microsoft : 10

Well, that should be clear :D

What's better?
by Nun ov ya bis
pop music : 3
rock music : 4

hip hop music : 2
rap music : 6

rap music : 1
rock music : 7

Rock music rocks and you know it.
\m/ (><) \m/

Alien vs Predator
by KC
alien : 8
predator : 0

The age-old question...
by Pants Magee
batman : 6
superman : 5

Looks like it's open season on Longhorns fans
by Okla-ho-man
mess with texas : 10
don't mess with texas : 0

cool people vs nerds
Cool People 0
Nerds 10
how did that happen?

by Aki
69 : 3
666 : 4

And few of my own:

ipod : 5
iriver : 1

nicky hilton : 1
paris hilton : 8