Monday, May 16, 2005

iPod Shuffle Fever!

Everybody now knows that I own an Apple iPod Shuffle and I'm fond about it. To Shuffle or not to Shuffle is up to you, and does Shuffle count as an iPod or not is yet a different topic, but apparently I'm not the only one in the world who adores Shuffle!

In a creativity competition called Make a Meatspace Shuffle hosted by the Mike Industries, you can see how much people love Apple's iPod Shuffle.

Did you catch any of the iPod advertisements on TV or maybe on some ad boards on the road? My favorite ad is called Pop-Lock with Daft Punk's cool new song Technologic, from their latest album Human After All (2005). But the other two ads, the iPod Shuffle Ad and Rollerskating aren't bad either! I absolutely adore Apple's banners of Shuffle (the text logos): Random is the New Order, Life is Random, Give Chance a Chance and Enjoy Uncertainty.

Well I'm thinking of buying some of those colorful cover packs for my iPod Shuffle soon, just to indulge it more!

Talking about colors, some Shuffle clone MP3 players started to appear recently, like LuxPro's attempt to clone our dearly beloved Apple iPod Shuffle.

PS. Just remember Apple's advice not to eat your Shuffle. Posted by Hello

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