Wednesday, June 15, 2005

iTunes Never Finishes "Finishing"

I recently had a similar problem like the one below:

Scion_xA_Guy said:

"I've had a similar problem since upgrading to iTunes 4.8. When Burning an MP3 CD-R, the burn goes along just fine until it gets to the point where it says "Finishing disc burn," where it just stays there and never finishes. If I try to cancel the burn or exit iTunes, it then tries to "Cancel the disc burn," but again never stops. I have to close iTunes by shutting down its process in Task Manager. So far the disc seems to have burned okay, but it's never happened before the upgrade to 4.8..."
I found the above post in the iPod Garage Forums, and that's exactly my problem except that I tried Audio CDs instead of MP3 CDs.

I tried the Apple Discussions where there was a topic about my problem exactly. There was this person called toonz who tried to help everyone with this problem, using the CD Diagnostics from the latest version of iTunes then working on updating the drivers/firmware. Unfortunately for me, there were no new updates for me whatsoever, so I thought I reached some dead end!

Then I got an e-mail message from a Technical Support Engineer (most probably toonz) from Apple asking me if I could download and install the "GEAR driver installer". Well, I did that of course and it worked real fine! So if you've updated your iTunes lately and had the same problem with burning CDs, then try this solution.

Boy was I happy with that! I mean I don't like Apple's prices, I don't like having less applications than what I'm used to have, and I certainly didn't like Apple's iPod Support when I had a problem ejecting my iPod Shuffle as I was stuck and not sure what to do but they simply didn't help me since I didn't buy my iPod from them directly as I bought it from some other dealer and the dealer was an ignorant when it came to knowing about what to do. So I didn't like all that but this message showed me that Apple and more especially the Apple community do care about the Apple experience and making sure it's as smooth as possible.

That brings the subject of the cult of Mac. I mean there's something special about being an Apple user, like the Switch Back flash or the Switch (to Mac) stories on Apple site. Well I can't wait to buy an Apple computer (well, I'm not sure which one to choose since all I have is a very little budget). Anyway, with all this Apple fever in me, how about if I make my hair like this:

Cover of Cult of Mac book

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