Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Crash (2004) film short review

Part #01 of my "Why do I love films" series of ongoing articles.

Films can change people's minds, thoughts, lives and can be more effective today than, say, an old man's story.

Crash (2004) is an award-winning film now. It's an art film and I love art films. It's rare for me to not like an art film. Crash (2004) had many qualities that makes a good film, from actors performances and an excellent script, to Cinematography, editing and directing. I didn't enjoy it the whole time I was watching it, and I couldn't believe myself.

Now what's the difference between art films and typical Hollywood films, you ask? Many differences. One difference is that art films are not made for your pocket money, to please you or your genitalia. They're made to deal with important subjects and things that matters to humanity and it delivers message(s) to audiences. You can usually tell if you're watching an art film (as opposite to Hollywood films) by noticing how uncomfortable you are. Does it lead you to thoughts that you were trying to escape from? It's called thought-provoking. They are made in order to make you think about the subject in question. It's always good to use the mind and to be allowed to use it while watching a film, much like reading good books and such.

What I did after Crash (2004) ended, is that I started thinking of the film and wondering why I didn't like it?! Then, suddenly, it hit me like a fast & loaded train in the head.

The film is about racism and when people judge people by color, race and such. I never was one of those who do such judging. I've taught myself better than that. I've taught myself not to fall into such trap. Now I'm embarrassed to discover that I judged a couple of characters in the film. I couldn't believe it. I thought I knew better. How dare I? Seriously, I was shocked at myself. I can blame others and the media but I'm a man. Real men admit their mistakes. It was my mistake and what a big mistake it was. I'm embarrassed at myself and it all started by a film. Got the point?

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