Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dot of Light

In my dreams
I see myself dead
I hear screams
of unholy ones
Sounds of birds
disturbing my resting
I heard them
half awake
I saw some light
a dot in the dark
It doesn't feel right
existing without purpose
Though it's comforting
living in the darkness
Feelings taking over
yet you try with hope
Music is strange
like sounds of wind
I'm lost in space
and can't find the campuss
I woke up by the sound of pigeon
It was in the room
Looking around
standing on my books
I didn't want to wake up
But I had to get it out
It came from the window
and now it's trapped
It looked scared to see me moving
I came to help
Couldn't go back to sleep
couldn't remember the rest of my dreams
I wanted to go out
sit on some grass
feel the freshness
It's just another day
I'm choosing to live.

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