Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogger in beta

A new version of Blogger in beta was launched in August 14th, 2006. I've finally made the move and joined in the testing, and am looking forward for more exciting features to come. As for now, I'm pleased to use the new templates and the labels, as well as having to use my Google account rather than a seperate account on Blogger.

ext2/3 on Windows XP

  1. Download Ext2Fsd
  2. Install it.
  3. Start --> Run... --> cmd.exe
  4. cd "C:\Program Files\Ext2Fsd"
  5. setup xp [for other versions of Winedoze, use '2k' or 'w64' instead of 'xp']
  6. mount 1 3 x: [type 'mount' alone for help]
  7. After finishing, use 'umount x:' to unmount.
Note 1: 'ext2fsd.sys' is in 'Setup\wxp' folder inside ''
Note 2: 'ext2fsd.inf' is in "C:\Program Files\Ext2Fsd\"
Note 3: For more information see: "C:\Program Files\Ext2Fsd\Readme.txt"