Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to Enjoy

Did you know that it was up to you to enjoy everything and anything in this life?

I sure have spent many years of my life not knowing it.. and leaving it in the hands of others.. and if it was like this it would've been better.. then you get it the way you wanted it, and you still don't enjoy it.. maybe because you don't know how to!

Some blame their parents, if you had any, and some blame their teachers, while others blame the weather!

Tell me this.. have you ever appreciated sickness?

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Wendy said...

I have appreciated sickness/disease before, for sure....One thing I can vividly remember before and after my Grandma past away in '89, was that I used to want to have Diabetes. She had it bad. Almost blind, deaf, and had one leg amputated. I can recall clearly desiring to be in bad condition with Diabetes. I think my reasoning in my own mind was all that mattered to me, I dont care to how crazy that sounds to anyone. I felt like I must know how she felt..I must know. Now, at my present time, I know better than to feel this way anymore. I don't regret ever feeling that way though, and who knows, I could still get it. I'm not scared, I'd fight it with every cell in my body.