Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Living Outside of the Norm

"Not a morning person? Take solace -- new research suggests that "night owls" are more likely to be creative thinkers.

Scientists can't yet fully explain why evening types appear to be more creative, but they suggest it could be an adaptation to living outside of the norm."

I mean for years I wanted to be normal, beautiful, happy and to fit in, until I started to understand that darkness is essential to being human, and since I'm so not perfect, thus perfectly imperfect, then I too am a human. Dealing with what's unpleasant is damn important. The world is changed by those who dare to be different. The hell with pleasing others, or givin' a damn about what people might say. What they're gonna do? Show their ignorance by calling me Gothtard? Or perhaps burn me with books?

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