Friday, February 09, 2007

Dunno My Friend

I don't know what I'm doing on this planet.
I smoked 6 cigarettes on a roll today.
Can't express stuff correctly.
I keep dying all over again
now that I have to deal with people
and face my youth problems..
my weaknesses,
and what a shame I feel.
I dunno my friend...
I just dunno anymore.
I am torn.
I cry.
I'll give anything
to be able to sleep.
To have a perfect body.
It's her, oh, who cares.
She is dead,
and was dead
before she died.
And I am dead
and dying
and will die.
And the question
is why?
What the fuck am I?
A robot?
A joke?
Wanna have friends,
wanna rule the world.
I walked outta my job.
Just couldn't handle the pressure,
the lack of chances
for me to grab
and the useless criticizing
of my weaknesses.
who cares anyway
And I wish to go back,
to impress them
a lot more
this time around.
To show them
what I am made of.
Considered giving up
my salary of the month
just to get a chance.
Though I kinda need the money,
and I hate it that I do.

MJ, Jul 6th, 2006 CE
Modified Nov 15thm 2007 CE

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