Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Treating Myself

I've just bought myself something I wanted.

Usually, I'd just open this delicious chocolate and eat it, the second I want to.

Never minding anything, or my health at that point.

But today, I'm doing something different..

I'm putting it in a place where it screams my name to eat it..

And I'm not gonna even touch it, unless I do two things I've been wanting to do since a while

I'm talking about changes.

I'm gonna treat myself only if I really pull a great job, and do what I wanted to do.

Otherwise, I ain't gonna touch it

I'm not gonna accept half-ass jobs

And not gonna take excuses.

I could've waited and wrote of it if it worked or not

But you have to get this very clearly:
I'm in full control, and it is up to me
It's not what's gonna happen.. it's what I'm doing this very moment
Taking control, making a decision, and sticking to it.

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