Monday, April 02, 2007

Wake Me Up

What's the secret word to retain full control over our conscious & subconscious?

I wanna wake up! I need to wake up.

If I know my potentials and the amazing possibilities, what's it that's stopping me??

Is it fear? It's always about fears.

Is it that I don't know my potentials nor the amazing possibilities? It's like when I always say that you don't know something unless you do it and feel it. If you don't do it and feel it, then you don't know. You don't know.

Is it that I'm reading the wrong books? I'm reading all kinds of books. Good books, bad books, crappy books. Yet mostly are well-selected actually.

Is it that I'm waiting for someone to save me?

Can I blame illness? The weather? Etc..?

Is it that I don't have enough courage to face what we refer to as reality?

Is it that I was not given the manual of living?

Is it because I had no one to help with so many things, and the ones who are there did not know shit either?

Could it be that I'm living in my own world, which I created over the years in my head? My truths? The things that I focus on?

Is it that I'm simply lazy, or not pushing myself enough?

Is it that I followed others in turning more and more away from GOD? My origins? My identity? My true self? The really real me? The human angelic pure innocent me?

Is it my lusts? My desires? My fantasies?

What would it take to wake me up??

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