Sunday, April 29, 2007

Husn al-Dhann

Husn al-Dhann (Arabic: حسن الظن) is a very beautiful Islamic teaching. It means in other words:

  • Avoiding suspicion as much as humanly possible
  • Giving the benefit of the doubt.
  • Thinking good and positively, despite what it might look/sound/feel like.
  • Not jumping to conclusions, or making assumptions.

If we treat our brothers & sisters as we would love to be treated, and also practice the principle of Husn al-Dhann; we will lead a better life and have less misunderstandings.

There is a saying about thinking of seventy-somethin' excuses for our brothers & sisters before even beginning to judge them.

When was the last time I personally thought of even seven excuses before misunderstanding others?!

Allah said in Qur'an:

049:012 O ye who believe! carefully avoid suspicion; verily, some suspicion is a sin. And do not play the spy, nor backbite each other; would one of you like to eat his dead brother's flesh?--why! ye would abhor it! then fear God; verily, God is relentant, compassionate.

Chapter 49, verse 12 - Palmer English translation.


~MJ, April 29th 2007 CE

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