Monday, June 04, 2007

Bon Echo IceWeasel

Bon Echo logo

On Arch GNU/Linux, the "Mozilla Firefox" application is called "Bon Echo", just like it's called "IceWeasel" on Debian GNU/Linux. They also use different icons.

The reason for these various re-branding names/icons is because of the Mozilla Foundation, umm I mean Corporation. They've started insisting that no one uses the name Firefox for Mozilla Firefox if it didn't come as it is from their source/binary.

Their point is, if you take the source and change it and do something bad with it, then package it as Firefox, other users may get confused and think that the bad stuff came from Mozilla.
This has to be done because a distribution may only use the name "Firefox" and its artwork if there are no unofficial modifications (i.e. no custom patches).
(from Arch Wiki)
Yes, they now have a good name to keep its reputation, and while this is fine in general, it produced a war between Debian and Mozilla.

Now if you are using one of those re-branded versions, here are two tips to call it Mozilla Firefox back as it should:

A. The useragent:
  1. Open the following address: "about:config"
  2. Type in the Filter bar: useragent
  3. Look for: general.useragent.extra.firefox
  4. Replace "BonEcho" with "Firefox".
Thanks to IceRAM on Arch Forums for this tip.

B. Title of the application and About:
  1. cd /opt/mozilla/lib/firefox/chrome
  2. sudo unzip -q en-US.jar locale/branding/brand.*
  3. sudo sed -i "s/Bon Echo/Mozilla Firefox/" locale/branding/brand.* [Instead of "s/Bon Echo/Mozilla Firefox/" it can be whatever you want, like: "s/Bon Echo/Firefox/" or "s/Bon Echo/Foxy/" etc...]
  4. sudo zip -q -0 -u en-US.jar locale/branding/brand.*
  5. sudo rm -rf locale/
Thanks to Firmicus on Arch Forums for this tip.

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