Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Play RealMedia in Amarok

Update: The following tip might no longer work, so be responsible.

Amarok iconHaving some realmedia files in my music library, I've been wishing for a way to be able to play them within my current music manager Amarok.

The necessary codecs have been installed, yet it produces an error message everytime I double-click on one of those files.

The solution is in the file ~/.xine/catalog.cache as follows:
  • cp ~/.xine/catalog.cache ~/.xine/catalog.cache.backup
  • kedit ~/.xine/catalog.cache
  • Search (Ctrl+f) for "realadec"
  • Change "decoder_priority=" from whatever number it is (it was 7 for me, might be 5 for you) to make it "decoder_priority=10"
  • Save it.
  • Go play some .rm files!


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, pal
worked like a charm :)

Anonymous said...

how was the sound quality like? mine is poor, am using xine on amarok.

MJ said...

Most of the time, I cannot feel the difference between playing realaudio with Amarok (as described above) and playing them with RealPlayer for GNU/Linux.

However, there are few files that show poor quality if played with Amarok, and some files do not play at all.