Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is Mozilla Firefox a Free Software?

As for Mozilla® Firefox® being free software:

While the source code from the Mozilla® Organization.. I mean Foundation.. errr sorry Corporation, is indeed freedom-respecting software, the binaries that they release include additional non-free software [1]. That makes it semi-free software.

Also, Mozilla® distributes non-free software as plug-ins [2].

Mozilla® don't comply to standards [3], and they won't comply [4], and they don't even care to comply. Unfortunately some of us care a lot about standards and also not making our own standards.

Mozilla® are being childish and silly, about tiny little irrelevant things, like the name usage and their artwork [5]. I'm fine with such things but they are so serious about it and willing to sue people for this!!

Mozilla® and Mozilla® developers are not the nicest most-ethical people on Earth. They are rude in treating people. And this is my personal opinion.

Here's a thought: you can't use the word 'Firefox' because they want you to give credit to Mozilla®, however, Mozilla® themselves are not giving us credit when they call the operating system incorrectly 'Linux' instead of the correct name 'GNU/Linux'. Why these double standards??? Why ask for credit and not give credit to others who ask for it (and rightly deserving it)?

And their software is not for users who wish to use lightweight software, even though back when the name was Phoenix (the development name of Mozilla® Firefox®), they were trying to make it less-bloated.

Yes, I am a big Debian fan. That does not mean I will take Debian's side. It is wiser not taking sides. However, I have to take side when it is a matter of wrong and right. I must stand by Truth. Mozilla® have yet to prove to me their honesty to help humanity, because last time I checked, they are talking about money, while Debian on the other hand working to give us all our four essential freedoms.

But that's just me.

Happy hacking :)

GNU IceCat - GNU's version of FirefoxPS. For further reading, read the Wikipedia article of GNU IceCat.



Wendy said...

I love the first sentence of the post, clever. :)

tommyschmitz said...

Here's my friend, MJ, telling it like it is. :) Yep.