Friday, November 14, 2008

We Continue to Coexist

Yes, we Muslims and Jews continue to love and respect each other, and live together peacefully no matter how much more propaganda is being prepared against all of us in the dishonest Western media, and unjust governments.

As for those who continue trying to differentiate between us, those unethical people, and those who have no humanity left in their hearts, I promise you, that we will continue to be the living example of peace for the world to study. We are united, in humanity as well as in faith, against the hatred in your hearts and we, God willing, are immune to it. We see through your lies, and we continue our stand for Truth and against injustice.

From Prophet Aaron the peacemaker.. and the Messiah Jesus the prince of peace.. up to the last & final Prophet, who was God's mercy to the worlds.. peace & blessings be upon them all and their households. The lessons are great and many...

P.S.: notice how the Rabbi continues using the word Allah, which is simply the Arabic word for 'God', unlike the popular misconception that Allah is 'God of the Muslims' or 'God of the Arabs' ! Arab Jews and Arab Christians have always used the word Allah, just like us, the Arab Muslims. Non-Arab Muslims, who are the large majority of Muslims in the world, are preferring more and more to use the Arabic word Allah, because it is unique, gender-less, and it is the proper noun for God Almighty in all the Semitic languages, among other reasons. (For further reading see the book: What is His Name?)

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